Ongoing Classes




A combination of Ancient Yoga Lineages and Mystical Knowledge that allow us to connect with our deep nature. Each given sequence is inspired by the stucture of Ashtanga Yoga Tradition ( Sun Salutation, Standing Poses, Sitting Poses & Final Poses ) but is mutable and correlated with the pace of Nature. Cosmobiology, Chakras, Pranayamas and Meditations are some considerations we have before we built the right sequence for each moment of our lives.

LACS | Conde D´Óbidos, Santos Monday & Wednesday 6pm - 7pm



Since the very beginning of ancient traditions, gurus, sages, shamans and priests were enlighten in dark places as caves, jungles and mountains to deepen their connection to their souls and spirits. In modern times, it’s proved by neuroscience that one can achieve deeper states of relaxation during night time or immersive rooms. With the support of audio visual projections, we guide you on an immersive yoga session that promotes higher levels of concentration and relaxation.

HORUS | Av. Liberdade, Lisboa Monday & Wednesday 12h45 - 13h45



Private Yoga Sessions might be right for you if you: Have a busy schedule; Are new to Yoga and would like personalized instruction for a safe start; Or have specific goals and would like a Yoga Practice tailored to your unique needs. Regardless of the reason, we are happy to select, adapt and modify the practice appropriately for each individual with respect to specific physical and emotional challenges in order to facilitate health and healing for your body and mind. 

Available in Lisbon, Cascais & Almada