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  • Casa do Pateo Aldeia do Meco Portugal (map)


We invite you to reconnect, challenge, feel your body, get out of the box and get into your mind, acknowledge the power of your mind, connect to you soul…

We invite you to join us in this discovery adventure of who we are, what we are, how we are, where can we actually go and how can we live up to our full potential.

Pairing up Neuroscience, Yoga and Meditation, we will guide you through a journey where you can take care of your Mind and reshape it. Where you can understand and feel the power of your own body by challenging yourself and overcoming our limits. Where your Soul will be nurtured and “seen”.

We tailed a complete and symbiotic interaction bringing the ancient Eastern wisdom and traditions and the modern approach and developments of Western technology. 


Throughout this retreat we will promote a journey through the main characters of our existence: the physical body and the mind.

 The Body

Every ancient culture has their own techniques for enlighten the inner worlds. 

The South American tribes uses medicine plants to open the doors of perception; the ancient Mongolian tribes used shamanic drumming for ecstatic trance states for mental cathartic explorations for healing to occur and the post-classical yogis embraced the physical body as the means to achieve enlightenment. They developed techniques of breathing and movement to cleanse the body and mind to break the knots that bind us to our physical existence. The exploration of these physical-spiritual connections and body centered practices led to the creation of what we primarily think of yoga in the West: Hatha Yoga (Power Yoga or Yang Yoga).

The Mind

Although Meditation can be found in many religious traditions, in our days it is increasingly an experience independent of any religious belief. While the styles, sources, and ideologies underlying meditation differ, their purpose has been uniform: personal transformation and brain enhancement.

Meditation is a collection of techniques of self-train the brain and the mind so it can become more focus, less min-wondering and fully present in the present moment.

Despite the existence of many meditation techniques like: focus meditation, love and kindness meditation, the mindfulness meditation is the one that promote more changes in the mind and functional alterations in the brain.



 The Power (Yang) Yoga Practice

When our body is strong, flexible and well aligned, we feel better and our minds can function more effectively; and modern neuroscientific research agrees. Yoga is a unique, proven and ancient science to access mental clarity and emotional balance through working the physical body.Designed to go beyond your comfortable limit, you will be guided through a challenging series that will transform You. Integrating rhythmic breathing and conscious movement with a thoughtful and prepared musical journey, the Asanas and Pranaymanas dance linked in a dynamic, harmonious, flowing cycle that is designed to cultivate heat, stamina and flexibility strengthening in physical body, allowing the curious mind to let go and the ethereal spirit to fully be.   

The Yin Yoga Practice & Meditation

One of the best things you can do to support your peace of mind, effectiveness and wellbeing is to meditate. Western science has now confirmed what Eastern traditions have known for millennia: that mindfulness decreases anxiety levels, improves sleep, and reduces negative feelings. Regarding Neuroscience, what Mindfulness Mediation does is to alter the default-mode network of the brain into a more present and less ruminating state. 

Breath work is another technique well known to alter the mind and the functioning of the brain inducing low frequency states like theta and thus to decondition old patterns of the brain like traumas and pathological reactions.



 The Bio-Kinetic Interaction

Regarding the body and to enhance our practice with contemporary technology we will use bio-kinetic interaction through body sensors. Using a gyroscope and an accelerometer to pick up movement markers with the help of specific algorithms we can have tangible information about the kinetic power of the yoga practice.

This technology allow us to sense the body movements and give real-time feedback of the velocity and flow of the Power-Yoga movements.

The Neurofeedback

Regarding the mind  we will use Brain-Computer-Interaction technology as it is the brand-new way of looking into the brain activity in real-time. Using portable EEG (electroencephalography) we can acquire the brain electric phenomenon, produced in the cortex structures, and translate it into tangible emotional markers, motor intentions and even flow of relaxation and concentration states with the help of specific and programmed algorithms.

This technology allow us to sense the brain and give real-time feedback of the frequencies of the different mental sates achieved with the mindfulness-meditation.


There will be a surprise collective experience where the collective mind-body feedback will be projected by means of an interactive yoga & meditation practice where the audio-visual content of the experience will be generative by the practitioner itself.




v  Welcome and Check In

v  Yin Yang Yoga

v  Opening Circle

v  Vegan Dinner


Saturday BODY

v  Power (Yang) Yoga

v  Vegan Breakfast

v  Fundamentals of Yoga, Ancient Eastern Philosophy

v  Fundamentals of kinetic Interaction, Contemporary Western Technology

v  Vegan Lunch

v  Free Time

v  Bio-Kinetic Interaction with Power (Yang) Yoga.

v  Vegan Dinner


Sunday MIND 

v  Meditation

v  Vegan Breakfast

v  Fundamentals of Meditation, Ancient Eastern Philosophy

v  Fundamentals Neurofeedback, Contemporary Western Technology

v  Vegan Lunch

v  Plastic Sundays, an Environmental Conscious Practice

v  Neurofeedback Session with Yin Yoga & Meditation

v  Closing Circle


Triple Room / Private WC - 300 Euros per person

Double Room - Shared WC - 300 Euros per person

Dorm - 250 Euros per person

All prices include accommodation, all meals, program activities & work dossier.

Prices don't include air fairs and/or transportation to site.

Please note that we only consider applications until 1 of October! 

* If you wish local receipt / invoice, kindly inform us to add local tax - (PT 23%).




"My passion is Brain Technology. Everything that implicates technology applied to human health and human self knowledge amuses me.

The concept of a quantified self-given to us by sensing technology and big data is what defines my path and my persuaded goal. This source of knowledge about the human mind and the human behaviour returned to the client by an immersive and interactive environment fulfils all the needs that are necessary for performance optimization and cognitive enhancement. 

My experience in social, affective, cognitive and computational neuroscience and in techniques such as neuroimaging and electroencephalography applied to clinical psychology and cognitive research had gave me the roots needed to work directly with clients from sportsman to peak executives and clinical patients.

For the last five years I have been working with techie developers, geeky artists, researchers and hackers who share the same vision as mine: to link the brain to a digital medium and to the internet of things so we can enter in a transhumanism age and promote brain computer interactions as well as brain to brain communication.
My ultimate research aspiration is to understand how this new media, mainly interactivity and immersion can alter our brain and how our mind is going to adapt to this new realm of existence that is the digital world.

I have been a key-note speaker in numerous conferences like TEDxPorto 2016 (, BoomFestival 2016 (Neurotechnology for Human Enhancement and Transhumanism) and Culturgest (Brain speech: the art and the ethics of the neuro-manipulation of the self) where I present, discuss and inform about Neurosciences, Neurotechnology and Neurofeedback.

Currently I´m the director of the division of Neurofeedback at Neurobios - Neuroscience Institute and partner at MuArts, a brain-computer-interfaces software and hardware development project."


Inez Gaya.jpg


“I’m a Life and Possibilities Explorer, some people call me “Skills Collector”…

I was born Portuguese in a family with Doctors lineage, graduated from Environmental Engineering (MsC) and am a PADI Rescue Diver. 

My body training started at 4, in the Academy of Classical Ballet Pirmin Treku, Horseback Riding and Gymnastics. Been in the Yoga path for 18 years and teaching for 12. Studied Sámkhya, Ashtanga, Tríka, Bhakti, Tantra, Traditional Hatha and Transformational Yoga and focused on Power and Yin Yang Yoga. I am very curious so engaged in courses of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Contemporary Dance. As a member of YAI and WYF, was fortunate to learn, practice and teach worldwide in Portugal, UK, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, California, Costa Rica, Ibiza, Nepal, Australia and India, in schools, retreats, yoga studios, privately and National and International Festivals.

I’m passionate about Bodywork, massage, healing therapies as well as medicinal and power plants. Started to work officially as a bodyworker in 2012. Up to then, massage and healing therapies were a constant in my life, since very young, but as a discipline of study and something to share with friends, family and while traveling. This passion asked for deeper studies so I dove into Ayurveda, Liquid Flow, Thai Massage, Reiki and Chakra Readings, that I combine in therapies with Tibetan Singing Bowls and Mantras. Was SPA and Studio Director at Ahau Tulum Mexico, where could practice daily all these techniques and develop a strong solid approach to the way I see Bodywork.”


gaya profile pic sara.jpg


Double belonging of Buddhism and Christian faith by my parents, I wonder about life, death, justice and suffering since i was still a kid. Unsatisfied by nature, I was 16 when i've learned about yoga and meditation to achieve altered states of consciousness. At 20 i was doing the first of my 6 silent reclusions on Vipassana Meditation.

Graduated in Hotel Management and a Phd course on Events Management, I went to India to have a monastery experience of 6 months and traveled for almost 30 countries alone in the past 10 years. When i look back, it seems almost impossible to imagine the number of people that i've met and experiences that i had around the globe.

Past professional experiences involve working on the board of directors of Luxury Hotels, Advisor for the Minister of Tourism in East Timor and Representative of United Nations World Tourism Organization for the Strategic Plan of East Timor against Poverty.  Was also Yoga Teacher on my free time as a way of sharing my gratitude of what i've learned in the past 15 years.

Recently, i've decided to combine some of my experience to create Gaya Immersions: a company focused on mutual empowerment and positive impact. It goes from Retreats around the globe, Volunteer Programs and Labs Experiments to improve human capabilities and self awareness. 




Later Event: September 26